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Cat Daddy Texas Style Brisket

Cat Daddy Texas Style Brisket

Cat Daddy on 20th Jan 2021


1 12-16lb Beef Brisket

Cat Daddy Spice - as needed

Kosher Salt - as needed

Course Ground Black Pepper - as needed


  1. Unwrap your brisket and let it breathe for a few minutes.
  2. First coat the whole brisket with kosher salt then pepper then cat daddy spice.
  3. Wrap well with plastic wrap and place into refrigerator overnight.
  4. 2 hours before you are ready to smoke, remove from refrigerator, allowing the brisket to get to room temperature.
  5. When you are ready fire up your smoker 225 degrees. Add Hickory or Oak for the SMOKE.
  6. Set timer for 12 hours.
  7. After 10 hours start checking the internal temperature your looking to achieve 12 hours 195 degrees.
  8. Remove and wrap the brisket with butcher paper/aluminum foil rest for 4 hours.
  9. Turn smoker down to 180 for holding temperature, until you're ready for service.